Our Team

Meet the team that's going to help you:

Hi, we’re Marco and Alberto. We’re passionate about design and we’re also passionate about our planet. That’s why we’ve combined the two.

Welcome to Your Chummys - it’s our platform where you can find sustainably sourced, extraordinary, design-led household products. Items that have been found by friends for friends who share outlook and values. Hence the name.

We’ve created an online community of great products that limit their impact on the planet. In effect we do the searching and leg work so that you don’t have to. We also aim to help artisanal producers by providing them with a sustainable route to market and the marketing that they need to give them a voice and therefore sell their products more easily. It means that they can concentrate on what they do best - creating beautiful items.

That said, if we feel that a piece might be interesting to our friends but doesn’t fully achieve our desired sustainability target we may still choose to stock it, but we’ll try to offset it in some other way: for example by investing towards reforesting. It means that we’re always working towards a net positive social responsible position.

As with most things in life our sustainability vision is a work in progress, a statement of intent, a journey.

However what we can say right now is that buying your products through your friends means that in addition to finding something that is beautiful and desirable you are helping the people who made it and the planet.

We hope that you’ll join us on that journey.