How Your Chummys with MoreTrees help fight climate change

How Your Chummys with MoreTrees help fight climate change


Looking to help fight climate change? 

What is MoreTrees?

MoreTrees is an online platform that helps people take impactful climate action by planting trees across the world!


Why Your Chummys decided to join MoreTrees?

We decided to join as aside from helping sequester future CO2 emissions, MoreTrees is also helping to tackle extreme poverty, builds communities, reverses the effects of deforestation and provides a habitat for wildlife.                                 









Where is more:trees planting?

Working with verify non-government organisations, more:trees hire and train local villagers to plant and care for new trees across the globe, where more is needed!

Your Chummys is helping MoreTrees with the Kenya project!


Check their active tree planting projects.



The idea behind MoreTrees is the one to automate as much as possible the tree planting, becoming beneficial to everyone, with a plan to plant one billion trees!

Your Chummys is planting a tree for every purchase. 

Check Your Chummys forest and see how much we helped so far!



Simply, MoreTrees help us with our mission:

To have a positive impact on the planet, offsetting our carbon footprint and re-investing in the earth


Thanks for helping us go green!


Your Chummys